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Lavida Pharmaceuticals is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of complementary therapeutic medicine and nutritional supplements.

Lavida Pharmaceuticals provide manufacturing, analytical and regulatory solutions to clients from more than 30 countries. Lavida’s TGA-certified laboratory is equipped with highly-advanced, technological instruments powered by passionate individuals who are experts in the field.

Founded in 2014, Lavida has multiple facilities in Sydney, Australia, and works with a number of leading brands. Certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), quality assurance is part of Lavida’s DNA, and the company’s dedicated scientists and technicians are constantly pushing the envelope by developing industry-leading processes that harness the latest technology. Lavida’s expanding team is guided by its core principles: ingenuity, trust, collaboration and accountability.


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Product Development

From ideation to final product delivery, Lavida work collaboratively with you to formulate truly innovative products that use the highest-quality ingredients to boost health and wellbeing. Lavida provide a variety of dosage forms, including: 

• Formulation development
• TGA compliance review
• Sample preparation
• Exploration of packaging options
• R&D assistance 

Compliance & Certification

Lavida’s manufacturing and packaging services follow strict TGA compliance regulations under Australian law to ensure the safety and integrity of your product. To meet certification requirements, Lavida provide:

• AUST L product compliance
• Use of permitted ingredients
• Dossier collation and preparation
• Product specification development
• Label compliance
• Allergen statements

Quality Control

Lavida’s quality control team is highly trained and experienced in conducting comprehensive testing and analysis of raw materials, in-process products, and finished goods to ensure that top quality products are manufactured. These are done through:

• Analytical testing , physical testing, and microbiological testing
• Raw material and finished product testing
• Product stability studies and product quality review
• Environmental controlled facility including low-humidity area
• Raw material evaluation

Manufacturing Capabilities

Lavida provide an extensive range of
solutions to meet your needs. The extensive range of dosage format
capabilities include:

• Tablets (coated/uncoated/chewable)
• Two piece hard capsules
• Controlled/sustained release
• Effervescent tablets/powder
• Semi solids (cream, lotion etc.)
• Non-infant Dairy • Topical sun-screen •
Pastilles • Powder
• Liquids • Probiotics

Packaging Services

Lavida provide an extensive range of solutions to meet your needs.
Packaging options include:

• HDPE, PET and glass bottles
• Tube and tub filling
• Inner cartons and leaflet insertion
• Labelling • Blister platforms • Sachet making • Jar/ pouch filling • Non-sterile vials • Shrink sleeves

Laboratory Services

Lavida’s expert team conducts trials and testing in TGA-accredited laboratory, which is equipped to perform a range of chemical and physical analysis on raw ingredients as well as the final product. Backed by years of experience and the latest technology, the laboratory services include:

• HPLC / ICP / UV-VIS / FTIR etc.
• Incubators and stability chambers
• Wet chemical testing techniques
• Microbiological testing
• Heavy metal testing
• Dissolution testing
• Analytical method development and validation


Lavida offers

Category 2 – Non-sterile veterinary preparations other than ectoparasiticides, premixes and supplements.
Category 3 – Ectoparasiticides.
Category 4 – Premixes and supplements.

Dosage formats
• Coated, Uncoated and Chewable Tablets
• Hard gel Capsules
• Creams, Lotions, Ointments and Pastes
• Powders
• Sprays and Liquids
• Pellets

• HDPE, PET and glass bottles
• Blister platforms
• Jar and Pouch filling
• Non-sterile vials
• Spray cans

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End-to-End Service 

Committed to scientific excellence, Lavida take a collaborative approach to developing new, innovative formulas that help clients create the highest-quality therapeutic medicines and nutritional supplements. From initial concept development and testing, to raw material sourcing, manufacturing and packaging, Lavida provide a full-service offering in accordance with the highest regulatory standards. 

Customisation that Meets Clients’ Needs

From well-established international brands, to local start-ups and entrepreneurs, Lavida provide tailored services to meet clients’ needs. Lavida’s success is built upon its highly adaptive approach, which allows clients to focus on building their brands and expanding their business.

Global Support

Lavida work closely with a range of global suppliers, each leader in their respective field, to maximise efficiency and streamline the manufacturing process as much as possible.


Concierge-Level Quality Assurance

Lavida is involved with every stage of the manufacturing process, from ingredient sourcing and processing to the final stages when everything is finished, packed and shipped directly to you. 

Product Development 

Lavida’s technical team helps you customise product formulation and specifications.

Compliance & Certification  

Lavida provides TGA listing advice and supports you through the regulatory process.

Quality Control 

Lavida’s TGA-accredited laboratory is equipped with the latest technology, where Lavida conducts in-house testing at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing and Packaging Services  

Lavida provides both automated and custom solutions for a range of packing options.

Logistical Management  

Lavida assists to prepare export documents for regulatory compliance, specialising in the APAC market.

Quality Assurance 

Lavida conducts stability testing to ensure your final product maintains shelf life.

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Lavida’s team of professionals are industry thought-leaders who are constantly looking for ways to improve the industry. In line with strict quality standards, Lavida’s adaptive approach means that they aren’t afraid to think outside the box to develop new, superior-quality products that promote health and wellbeing. 


Lavida maintains the gold standard in quality assurance. Lavida’s products, services and operations are in strict compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods. In the constant pursuit of excellence, Lavida maintains open and honest communication with clients during every stage of the manufacturing process.


Lavida is a people-first business and believes in cultivating long-term relationships with clients and partners. Lavida will guide you through the entire product development, manufacturing and packaging process, offering consultative services along the way. 


Lavida is committed to sourcing all the raw materials and ingredients responsibly, and ensure quality is preserved throughout the supply chain. Lavida inspect and evaluate every ingredient that arrives at facility, as well as regular testing throughout the manufacturing process, and chemical and microbiological testing on the final product.

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1/25 Wonderland Drive Eastern Creek,
NSW 2766 Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9725 5722
Fax: +61 2 8076 3553

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PO Box 6260, Wetherill Park DC, NSW 1851 Australia

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