Show Zones

Healthplex Expo 2022 | Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2022


International Brand Zone

International brands from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, the United States and other countries and regions will fully demonstrate their brand management philosophy, establish their brand image, and gain insight into potential opportunities in the burgeoning nutrition and health market for long-term growth.

谷歌着陆页-TCM Nutrition Zone中华精品区

TCM Nutrition Zone

TCM Nutrition Zone has been set up to showcase and promote Chinese traditional culture, bringing together traditional health supplements represented by Ganoderma, Ginseng, Bird’s Nest, Cordyceps, health wine and tea, etc.


Regional Pavilions

Featured regional pavilions such as Zhejiang pavilion and Jilin pavilion will assemble in this area during the exhibition, focusing on the characteristics of regional products and culture.

谷歌着陆页-Emotion Management Zone情绪管理专区

Emotion Management Zone

Emotional health is closely related to physical health. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the market demand for emotion management related products is also increasing. Visitors can discover new products and experience new technologies in this zone.

谷歌着陆页-Anti-Aging & Beauty Zone抗衰美容专区

Anti-Aging & Beauty Zone

The anti-aging & beauty zone gathers the industry-related popular products, technologies and raw materials. Supporting activities such as beauty care, slimming, anti-aging and other thematic forums will be held to analyze current hot topics, and to recommend domestic and foreign excellent beauty products and services.

谷歌着陆页-Pet Health Zone宠物保健专区(绿底)

Pet Health Zone

With people’s increasing concern about pet health, there is a growing market demand for pet healthcare products, such as nutritional supplements, joint health products, vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, pet treats, pet care products, etc., which are to be displayed in this zone.