Show Zones

Healthplex Expo 2022 | Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2022


International Brand Zone

International brands will fully demonstrate their brand management philosophy, establish their brand image, and gain insight into potential opportunities in the burgeoning nutrition and health market for long-term growth.


China Boutique Area

China Boutique Area has been set up to showcase and promote Chinese traditional culture, bringing together traditional health supplements represented by Ganoderma, Ginseng, Bird’s Nest, Cordyceps, etc.


Regional Pavilions

Featured regional pavilions such as Zhejiang pavilion, Jilin pavilion, Shandong pavilion and Tibet pavilion will assemble in this area during the exhibition, focusing on the characteristics of regional products.


Emotion Management Zone

Emotional health is closely related to physical health. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the market demand for emotion management related products is also increasing. Visitors can discover new products and experience new technologies in this zone.


Maternity, Baby & Children Zone

Selected maternity, baby and children’s products and services can be found here, covering health food, complementary food, milk powder, nutrition products, natural and organic food, maternity and baby institutions and services, etc.

Masseuse or Massage therapist use brush for applying cream mask to beautiful customer face for healthy skin face with cucumber slices on her eyes that make hydration, refreshment and nourish skin face

Anti-Aging & Beauty Zone

The anti-aging & beauty zone will gather the industry-related popular products, technologies and raw materials. Supporting activities such as beauty care, slimming, anti-aging and other thematic forums will be held to analyze current hot topics, and to recommend domestic and foreign excellent beauty products and services.