Healthplex Expo 2023
Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2023

19-21 June 2023 | NECC Shanghai


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Why Exhibit

Healthplex Expo 2022 | Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2022

Nationwide there are 2317 health food production certificates. Market scale surpassed 400 billion yuan in 2017, and the total scale for nutraceutical industry exceeded 700 billion yuan (QS/SC, and food for special medical purposed all calculated). Mainland China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. As total sales of health food continues to grow, the market outlook will be rosy.

The Outline of the Programme for Food and Nutrition Development in China (2014-2020) mentions that the state will actively raise the nutrient intake of its people, and will make the development of health food and nutrient-fortified food one of its priorities. This will help boost the development of China’s health-food market.

As of June 2018, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), which is now under the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), had approved 17,464 health-food products, of which, 16,690 were domestically made and 774 were imported. The main functional categories of health-food products are to enhance immunity, provide dietary nutrition supplement, relieve physical fatigue, regulate blood lipid and assist hypoglycemia, etc

Positioned in the middle and high-end nutraceutical products market, “Healthplex Expo 2022 / Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2022” (referred to HNC 2022) will continue to meet with you at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on 22-24 June, 2022. Co-located again with Hi China, Fi Asia-China, Propak China & Foodpack China, Starch Expo, HNC will be constituted to the 170,000 sqm food industry chain event in Shanghai.

Share the professional buyer resources which related to China Import and Export Fair’s global health care products. Integrate the exhibition data, and focus on inviting high-end channels such as national and global health care distributors, agents, direct sales stores, chain pharmacies, and supermarket chains.

It’s a chance to enjoy comprehensive online and offline publicity throughout the year. The scope of publicity covers new media methods such as websites, magazines, newspapers, WeChat, etc., and multiple surprises for one-time participation.

We are trying to keep up with the development of new markets and share interactions. Many industry conferences and on-site activities directly face the customer based in the comprehensive customer field. In addition, our one-to-one trade matching meeting invites purchasing managers from global online and offline pharmacies and supermarkets to arrange meetings between exhibitors and buyers, or it is an excellent way to directly reach cooperation intentions with exhibitors to increase your product sales at the fair site.

Gathering many overseas exhibitors and visitors, it is a health care product event with a large number of overseas groups. It brings together exhibitions from Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions and well-known companies from the Philippines, Monaco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, Germany, France, India, Brazil, South Korea and other major health care products production countries.