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Organized by CCCMHPIE and Sinoexpo Informa Markets, HNC · Health Business Innovation Forum · Hangzhou 2022: “Health Brand Marketing Practical Application Forum 2022” & “Health Enterprise Douyin Practical Training Camp” kicked off during August 25-26, 2022 at Holiday Inn Hangzhou Binjiang.
On the first day, the “Health Brand Marketing Practical Application Forum”, with the theme of Playing with New Media, Embracing New Marketing”, attracted more than 300 attendees from the nutrition and health food industry to listen to 12 industry experts, brand marketing experts, representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs, etc. from different fields of the health industry, sharing ideas in the form of speeches and round table dialogues. The speakers expressed their opinions and frequently uttered golden words to help enterprises understand the necessary core competitiveness in the changing situation.
On August 26th, The Douyin Practical Training Camp gathered more than 40 health brand enterprises to participate in the activity. The content was combined with industry cases to effectively convey Douyin’s practical knowledge and help enterprises take advantage of Douyin’s platform to create enterprise accounts and live streaming to achieve new growth in sales.



Delivering Marketing Tips

& Learning the Ways of Breakthrough

In recent years, under the influence of changes in the international situation and repeated epidemics, global economic development and international trade have been greatly affected. However, the nutrition and health industry has grown against the trend, playing a vital role in boosting corporate confidence and protecting the health of consumers. Mr. Tan Shengcai, Vice President of CCCMHPIE, mentioned in his speech that according to the statistics from CCCMHPIE, China’s nutrition and health food imports in 2021 were US$5.18 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%, and the exports were US$2.62 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19.9%, both imports and exports hit record highs.

As the birthplace of e-commerce in the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou has promoted domestic consumption upgrades and innovative economic-driven models during the past 20 years of technological interconnection and rapid development. At the same time, the pharmaceutical and health industry in the Yangtze River Delta, with Hangzhou as its center, continues to optimize infrastructure construction and gather talents from all walks of life. Its market resilience and vitality will constantly help industries represented by health to enlarge market, enhance value and increase efficiency in the post-epidemic era. Through the continuously improved cross-border business system, more oversea high-quality products will enter China, and domestic enterprises will go to the world.


The Industry Event Brings Together Renowned Enterprises.

HNC · Health Business Innovation Forum probes into the development trends of the health and nutrition industry and explores new directions of products. HNC · Health Business Innovation Forum · Hangzhou 2022: Health Brand Marketing Practical Application Forum 2022 set up an exclusive onsite booth area to provide an interactive communication platform for outstanding upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, allowing ingredient enterprises, terminal brands, distributors, etc. to establish connections efficiently. The event was crowded with people. The exhibitors considered that the HNC · Health Business Innovation Forum · Hangzhou 2022 was not only a good place to study marketing skills, but also a good platform to promote their products.


Douyin Practical Training Camp

Sharing Useful Information

At present, most healthcare product manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, franchisees, etc. have many questions about Douyin marketing with a large demand for channel expansion. On the second day of the Forum, the “Health Enterprise Douyin Practical Training Camp”, a new media marketing course tailored for health enterprises, invited expert Ms. Sun Fengjiao with 12 years of brand marketing and communication experience, and Douyin operation expert Icey, to give instruction on marketing theories, the significance of FACT model, the basic methods of closed-loop marketing, data evaluation, how to operate an enterprise account, etc. Provided with practical exercises on propositional projects, supporting tool lists and other course materials, enterprises can better learn how to take advantage of the Douyin platform to achieve new sales growth.