Natural & Nutraceutical Products China Shenzhen 2022

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important carrier of Chinese civilization, and plays a unique role in healthcare course of Chinese people, and as wisdom of our laboring people in food and medicine, edible and medicinal substances carry the people’s demand for healthy and quality life and the long-cherished wish of pursuing for health, and it has become an irresistible new trend since it is characterized by long history, perfect theory, rich resource, safety and reliability and significant functional features, etc.

Around the globe, whether in the developed countries or the developing countries, the governments are actively guiding their food industry toward the development orientation of nutrition and health, such as Food Nutrition and Health Development Programme in UK, Outline of Biotechnology Strategy in Japan, Roadmap for Long-term Support Programme of Nutrition Technology in USA, etc., and in China, Outline of “Healthy Chine 2030” Planning“The Belt and Road” Development Planning of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2020), have also become the program of action for promoting construction of healthy China, all of which have fully demonstrated that healthy food has risen to the height of national strategy.

In order to further promote development of edible and medicinal healthy food industry, improve independent research and development and innovation capabilities of enterprises, accelerate the pace of collaborative innovation for industry-university-research cooperation, and establish exchange and cooperation platforms between enterprises and experts & scholars, China Food Industry Productivity Promotion Center and Sinoexpo Informa Markets will, at the same time of holding “Natural & Nutraceutical Products China Guangzhou 2019 (NPC2019)”, jointly hold “Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Health Industry——2019 The 2nd Innovation and Key Technology Exchange Meeting on Product Development and Application for Edible and Medicinal Healthy Food” in Guangzhou. In this conference, well-known experts with rich experience in research & development, process innovation and relevant fields of edible and medicinal healthy food products will be invited to make thematic explanation on key problems and make in-depth discussion in the form of live question & answer and discussion, so as to provide the participants with the most professional and authoritative question-and-answer and guidance on industrial development.

I. Organization structure
Organizer: China Food Industry Productivity Promotion Center

Support unit: Sinoexpo Informa Markets, Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources, Beijing Kaisheng Chinese Food Management Consulting Center, Guangdong Institute of Food Science and Technology, Specialty Committee of Chinese Materia Medica, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Support media: www.foodMate.net, Pooioo.com, Sino-foreign Food Industry Magazine, Food and Nutrition in China Magazine, www.bio-equip.com, www.91zzj.com

II. Conference time and venue
Conference time: 11-14 Dec 2019 (registration is available throughout the 11th)

Conference venue: PWTC Expo, No. 1000, Xingang East Road, Guangzhou

Conference scale: 150+

III. Conference schedule

11 Dec

Check in at the accommodation hotel throughout the day

Note: Since this conference will be held in the exhibition hall, therefore, entrance ticket of the exhibition hall and admission pass to the venue shall be acquired in advance, so please the registered participants acquire the ticket and pass on the 11th when checking in at the hotel!

12 Dec
At 7:50 am, take bus to the venue of the exhibition hall, at 9:50 am, the conference starts on time, at 12:00 am, have lunch in designated areas

At 13:00-17:10 pm, make conference report, and at 18:10 pm, gather and take bus to return to the accommodation hotel, and have dinner on your own

13 Dec

At 7:50 am, take bus to the venue of the exhibition hall, at 9:00 am, enter the venue, at 9:20 am, the conference starts on time, and at 12:00 am, have lunch in designated areas

At 13:00 pm, the conference group will organize an exploration tour of the exhibition area (it’s very exciting, welcome to participate)

Note: After finishing the visit in the afternoon of 13 Dec, the conference is over, and the bus will no longer go back to the accommodation hotel, please arrange your return all by yourself if needed

14 Dec

Make free access to the exhibition

IV. Main discussion contents of the conference
(I) Development of edible and medicinal healthy food

1. Development status and trend of edible and medicinal healthy food industry in China;

2. Research and development of edible and medicinal healthy food based on modern precise nutrition;

3. Formula design and theoretical basis for research and development of edible and medicinal healthy food;

4. Research and development of edible and medicinal food for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in the elderly;

5. Development of edible and medicinal food good for intestinal health;

6. Development of edible and medicinal healthy food for beauty and fat loss, etc.;

7. Development of edible and medicinal leisure food and health drinks;

(II) Production process and equipment innovation of edible and medicinal healthy food

1. Technological requirements for extraction, separation and purification of edible and medicinal functional factors;

2. Display of extraction technology and resource utilization and new extraction equipment of edible and medicinal functional factors;

3. Technological requirements and notices for production and research & development of edible and medicinal healthy food;

4. Influence of production process and equipment selection on product quality;

5. Analysis and detection technology of functional factors of edible and medicinal substances;

6. Research on safety and stability of edible and medicinal health drinks;

(III) Inheritance and innovation——Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Modern Health Management

1. Research on combination of the “homology of medicine and food” theory in traditional Chinese medicine and modern hygiene;

2. Correlation between diet and lifestyle and occurrence and development of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers and osteoporosis and other diseases;

3. Application of preventive treatment of diseases by traditional Chinese medicine in modern health management.

V. Some speakers proposed to attend the conference (in no particular order)

Ye Zuguang

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Lead Researcher

Senior review expert of health food of the National Bureau

Chief Scientist of National “973”, Doctoral Supervisor, Postdoctoral Supervisor

Member of original research & development team of artemisinin which won Nobel Prize

Pharmacologist and Toxicologist, Expert Enjoying Special Government Allowance

Chen Xiaoyi

Dean of Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, School of Public Health, Guangzhou Medical University

Executive Director, Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General of Guangdong Nutrition Society

Vice Chairman of Special Committee, Guangdong Functional Medical Association

Health Food Expert of Food and Drug Administration of Guangzhou Municipality

Nie Hong

Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Pharmacy, Jinan University

Vice Chairman of Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province

Li Biansheng

Professor of School of Food Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology

President of Guangdong Institute of Food Science and Technology

Cao Chongjiang

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Engineering, China Pharmaceutical University

Director of National Research and Development Center for Processing Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mei Quanxi
Key Academic Leader of Pharmaceutical Department, Shenzhen Baoan Pure Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Hospital

Chief Pharmacist of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Chairman of National Steering Committee for Innovative Textbook Construction of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Pharmacy in Colleges and Universities

Vice Chairman of Li Shizhen Academic Research Society, China Association of Chinese Medicine

Pu Cunhai

Chairman of Special Committee on New Technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Senior Engineer at a Level of Research Worker

Part-time Professor and Master Tutor of Yanbian University and Nanjing Normal University

Ren Jie

General Hospital of the Yangtze River Shipping, Ministry of Communications

Affiliated Hospital of Wuhan Polytechnic University

Chief Physician of Department of Oncology, Clinical Teaching Hospital of Wuhan University

Zhou Yajie

Director of Nanjing Ganoderma Lucidum Modern Applied Engineering Technology Research Center

Senior Engineer of Chinese Academy of Sciences

VI. Participants
1. Relevant experts and scholars engaged in food processing, nutrition, testing, plant and medicine and other researches from scientific research institutions, universities and colleges and various health research centers.

2. General Manager and heads of Research & Development Department, Production Department, Testing Department, Marketing Department and other departments of leisure food, beverage and dairy products, health (functional) food, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and pharmaceutical enterprises expanding business in the direction of food and other relevant enterprises.

3. Technicians of food ingredients, healthy natural raw materials, food additives, food research & development and processing equipment enterprises and heads of Project Department and Marketing Department.

VII. Conference fees
(I) RMB 2000/person if paid on site, and RMB 1600/person if booked in advance, the conference fees include: fees for venue, seminar, materials, expert consultation, and group lunch box in conference place, etc. Accommodation will be uniformly arranged at your own cost.

Note: All registered units must handle the payments before the conference, so as to issue invoice in advance.

(II) Sponsors, co-organizers and exhibitors of new products and equipment are cordially invited to this conference. Please contact the conference group if you are interested.

(III) Enterprises participate in single propaganda:

1. Title Platinum Sponsor: (sponsorship amount: RMB 50000)

2. Co-organizer (sponsorship amount: RMB 40000);

3. Gold Sponsor (sponsorship amount: RMB 30000);

(Please contact the conference group for detailed scheme)

4. Advertising fee on conference proceedings:

Front cover: RMB 5000 (RMB 1000 for title sponsors)

Back cover: RMB 3500 (RMB 1000 for second co-organizer)

Inside front cover, flyleaf, inside back cover: RMB 2000

5. Text description: RMB 500 (300 characters)

6. Representative certificate: RMB 1000 (company name and LOGO could be printed)

Sponsorship of minute book: RMB 1000 (self-provided, with enterprise name available on both the front and back covers)
7. Technical speaking: RMB 10000/30mins (including registration fee)

8. Distributed materials: RMB 2000 (be responsible for distributing 100 copies of materials in a uniform way);

9. Gift sponsor: RMB 2000 (the enterprise shall provide 100 gifts on its own)