Better Stands Plan

Natural & Nutraceutical Products China Shenzhen 2022

By phasing out single-use stands, we will improve stand safety,enhance efficiency of construction,reduce stand waste and optimize sustainability. A Better exhibition experience. We work together we can run environmentally responsible events and move towards a better future of exhibitions.
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What is a single-use stand?

A Special design or space only stand structure which are designed to be used only once. The stands are demolished and disposed of after the event and the stand materials are not reused or recycled.

How will we do it?

We will work with our contractors to offer
and promote reusable and Better Stands compliant stand design options for exhibitors.

Provide Better Stands compliant suggestions to exhibitors in order to phase out disposable builds.

By setting up regulations to ensure the stands’building materials are reusable.

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What will improve? Significantly reduce waste and carbon footprint. Safer and better onsite working environment.

How will this benefit exhibitors?

Highlight the sustainable credentialtof the brand.
Smoother and more efficient build up and breakdown.
Reduce the waste disposal cost.

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What do exhibitors need to do?

Please make sure your contractor is aware of and follow the Better Stands Programme related regulations.

For details, please contact Carol Liu